Fresh Box

If for any reason you are not able to properly monitor the contents of your refrigerator, but you have an iPhone, iPad or iPad, Fresh Box will help to significantly simplify or even completely eliminate this problem. After purchasing the product, we take a picture of it and place it in a virtual freezer in your mobile iOS device. Americans call this option “what you see, you get”. In practice, a convenient and well-illustrated interface Fresh Box reduces all the excitement with photography to a minimum. Thus, the routine procedure of stuffing the fridge turns into a very pleasant and funny process, much like adding photos to Instagram. After loading the next portion of products into the fridge and, accordingly, the set of photos in the Fresh Box, you can note the expiration date and the automatic reminder will notify you in time that, for example, milk can sour, oil is stale, etc. You can download Fresh Box for only $1.

App FreshBox